Enhance Your Gmail Security to Protect it From Hackers

We all keep some sensitive information like bank details, personal photos, contact address book, private conversation etc. stored in our email account, thus we cannot afford to let the imposter have a hold on our account. Even Gmail account is vulnerable to cyber threats. The main target of hackers is always email accounts as through it they will be able to get almost all necessary information that is essential to ruin you completely. In fact, Gmail user can even lose his or her access to the account if the hacker changes their password. In case, this has already happened to you then call us at Gmail Support Number UK, otherwise to protect your account from hackers follow the mentioned ways.

1. Use Ugly Email Feature:
• Open Google Chrome on your computer and then search for “Ugly Email” in Chrome Webstore. This can save you from tracked emails.
• Now click “Add to Chrome” in the new tab. This will be added to chrome in the right corner.
• When you will log in to your Gmail and open the email. The mails that have “evil eye” sign are tracking mails.

2. Add Two-Step-Verification: Two-step-verification add an extra layer of security to your account. You must add it if you usually sign in to your account on multiple devices. Through this type of authentication, you will receive a unique code on your mobile phone, Google’s mobile app or voice call every time you try to sign in to Gmail. This will make difficult for hackers to hack your account.

3. Change Your Password Frequently: It is suggested by experts that you should keep changing your password every month. Even you should never reveal your password to anyone. If in case, for any reason you have to them make sure that you change it as soon as possible. Apart from this, also remember that you should have a strong password which is difficult to be guessed by anyone.

4. Keep Account Recovery Up-to-Date: You should always keep your mobile number up to date as that is the only way you can recover your lost password and lost email account. You can also add a recovery email address but for this, it is necessary for you to have a secondary email ID on which Google can send you security code when you forget or lose your password.

5. Track Your Gmail Activities: From the lower right corner, click the “Details” to find out “Last Account Activities”. You can find out about the location from where your account is accessed, access type and its date. In case, you find out any suspicious activity then you should change your password. In fact, you should also check your send items to find out if anyone has sent an email from your account without your knowledge.

These are the basic steps that a Gmail user can take to make their account more secure. But if you experience any threatening issue with your email account then dial us at Gmail Helpline Number UK without wasting a minute.