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Cybercrime is touching new highs daily and adopting new methods to lure unsuspecting users. From online phishing to various other such tricks, the attacks have become more vicious in the recent past. Email users especially have been at the receiving end of the issue. Gmail however has a very good system of fighting these mails and usually puts them in the spam. It senses the emails with bulk recipients and categorizes them as spam so that the user doesn’t have to handle them every day. However, the cybercriminals and hackers keep on devising new methods with each new day to trick Gmail so that the emails can be sent to the user’s inbox and they click them positively. For this, the use of social engineering has increased to a great extent where the user is made to believe the authenticity of the email and tricked into clicking the hyperlinks given in the emails or divulge some important account information through mail. If you are facing any such problems or any other technical problems using the Gmail account then you can immediately dial the Gmail Phone Number UK to get instant support from the experts.

Do not open suspicious looking emails: If you have got any email claiming to give you loads of money, or telling you that they are willing to offer you ridiculous amount of money for no particular reason then you should not open those emails at all and immediately delete them. No one is going to offer you a single GBP if you have not done something for them leave aside hundreds and thousands of pounds. These emails are from cybercriminals who want to get your crucial information. Apart from that companies like Samsung, Pepsi, Coco cola, etc. haven’t become multibillion dollar companies by giving lottery prizes to the people who never even played a lottery. If you are getting any such email then it means that it is from some cybercriminal. Just delete it straight away and if you have opened it out of curiosity do not take any further action by replying to it.

Never click on the hyperlinks given in the emails: If on a fine day you receive an email from your bank, organization, institution asking you to click on a particular link to authorize your account please do not do that. Banks, organizations, institutions, etc. know their account holders and would never ask for any such thing. If you really get curious then immediately talk to them personally. But, never click on the links given in the email. All those links usually take you to a fake website which might look like and original one but is just a fake copy created by cybercriminals. The login information entered by you there will be captured by them and used to carry out unauthorized activities.

Do not open the attachments from unknown senders: If you get an email claiming to carry an invoice for something or any other such information then always be cautious before opening that email. Please try to think if you can related to that email. You cannot get an invoice for things you didn’t buy or ordered. Even if you open it never ever open the attachments as they may be carrying infections like, spyware, ransom ware, bugs, etc. As soon as you enable the macros of those attachments they’ll get activated and corrupt your system. Always be very judicious while doing any such thing.

Emails are the lifeline today. They carry a lot of crucial and confidential information along with security authentication for other accounts and if get into the wrong hands can play havoc on your life. If you are facing any problem with your Gmail account you can contact the experts at Gmail Support Number UK anytime to get instant support.