Gmail: What all should the user know about this email platform

if one is talking about Email then automatically user is not supposed to go here end there for concrete solutions. Gmail is a type of email platform which sets the tone of perfection. Once the user is looking to gain more about the Gmail, then it should be known that this email platform was launched on 31 March 2004. Since that period users have always been able to execute work in the most effective manner. Earlier on the working of it used to be carried out in Beta Mode, where invitation from the existing user was necessary. On the other hand, present users can have the account in a very simplified manner. With every day’s working on it by the professionals means that user will reap the benefits due to the inclusion of many advanced features.

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Features – One must use Gmail and then the user will be able to reap benefits and showcase richness in it. There are different players like – Hotmail, Yahoo but in reality, do not reveal high-quality worth of activity. No wonder, a large number of people are switching over to Gmail for effective result. The reason for this is that user is able to see better working style through Spam. Not only it is fast, clear and user-friendly too. List of other effective features includes –

• Built-in Chat
• Built-in Spell Checker.
• Automatic Draft Saving

For detailed and better understanding of the features, the user should also go through some features explained in detail –

Labels – It is nothing but a precise form of understanding about categorizing the emails in a right manner. It is a kind of subset folders, that means Labels have everything which Web Based Folder needs to have. The user can also assign a label which is easily visible on the left- hand side of Gmail under the category of Gmail Default Links in Label Columns. The user just needs to Click the allocated form of Label and mail will be opened.

Filters - This is one of the best features that Gmail offers to their users. Once, this kind of compartmentalization is being formed then one can execute work related to Email Management. With this erasing of the unwanted form of emails is being executed in a right manner.

Chat – The professionals of Gmail have not lagged behind in any way and this is what is becoming the highlighting point. So, through chatting one can interact with friends in a smooth manner. According to the explanation of the professionals of Gmail, the Chat service will work with AOL’s Chat Service AIM. Now the user does not have to worry if the receiver is online or not. This way AIM Contacts receive AIM icon in Chat Window. This way an ideal form of distinction is maintained between Gmail friends and the AIM friends.

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