How do I Backup and Restore Emails in Gmail?

Gmail is the first and final choice of every being who desire for a mailing client that can fulfill all their requirements. Powerful than any other mailing service, it includes easy service-user interaction and finest features that even a kid can access it. Also, it keeps your mails and other information stored securely. But it is recommended that you must create your own backup. The Gmail Customer Support Team UK will help you the best in this situation. They have deployed a team of skilled technicians who have experience in this field.

If you are Windows user and want to create Backup of the mails in Gmail account, you should follow the steps as suggested below:

• Go for downloading Gmail Backup: You can download it for free, just search for the Gmail Backup at Google search option and whichever is the first result, look for the downloading file for Windows.

• Installing Gmail Backup: When the downloading completes, you must install it and follow the onscreen instructions. Thereafter, keep all the default values in. You will see the icon on your desktop then.

• Launch the program: Thereafter, double click the icon so that you can start the program then.

• Login is essential: Now, do specify your Gmail id and password.

• Open the Server: If you want to open the server, you just need to enter

• Create a Backup Folder: At last, you need to choose a backup folder where you want to keep the Backup files stored.

When you want to restore the files from a backup, you have to follow the steps suggested below:

• Initiate Gmail Backup: This is true that Gmail Backup remembers your Gmail login details and the name of the last backup file.

• Input the correct password: After you verify that the name of the backup file is correct, you can input your login password.

• Restore the settings: At last, you have to Click Restore.

When you are done, you will get a message saying "End of restoring account”, that dictates that the emails have been restored successfully. You must know that you can start a backup from one Gmail account and restore to another account. Whenever you want to test the restore function, or want to move your mails from one account to another, this option is very helpful. If you are facing any difficulty, call the tech representatives at Gmail Toll Free Number UK for instant assistance. The technicians will present instant ways to undo the problems you have come across.