How do I transfer Contacts on an Android to Gmail?

With the increasing thefts or other problems related to Android phones, you might face problems as there are chances that your personal data will get removed. Using an android phone, you can transfer your contacts from your phone to the Google’s cloud systems. Moreover, doing so will make you access your contacts on Gmail and other Google services. You can say that it is a backup of your personal contacts so that you can access them in need. Gmail Helpline Number UK gives you the surety to fix such unnecessary issues.

There are many ways by which you can relocate your phone numbers/contacts to Gmail while using Android phone. The blog have been mentioned with so many methods that are given below:

Go for Syncing Your Contacts to Google Server: Some Android phones are set to default for syncing contacts to Google's servers. To execute such process, you can use a linked Gmail account that has been set while activating your phone. And when you have more than one Gmail account which has been linked to your phone, it is better to select the account you want to sync your contacts with. Like when you want to add a contact in the app, you must choose where you can save the contact.

When you need to alter the place where a contact is already saved, you just need to click the contact in the Contacts app, and then click on to the edit icon and select a location from the same drop-down menu. And then, click Save to the save the changes.

You can access the Contacts within Gmail: You should know when a contact is synced to the Google servers; it will show up in your Gmail contacts list automatically. Therefore, you can access the list on the Gmail website, you just have to click on the grid menu in Gmail and then tap the Contacts. Not only this, but you can also edit or delete the contacts you have synced to Google servers. This is important to click on the particular contact if you want to send the person an email while using Gmail.

Contacts can be restored to the Android Phone: when you shift to some other Android phone, it is important that you want to have Google sync the contacts to this new device too. To initiate the process, you need to proceed to the Android settings app and then click Google services to Restore Contacts there. You can choose the Gmail account from where you want to restore the contacts.

For further queries, you need to take assistance of the tech supporters at Gmail Technical Support Number UK and they offer you the appropriate answers regarding the matter.