How to Backup Gmail Online and Offline?

You will find a vast number of Gmail users. This is because Gmail is not only free online webmail service but it gives you all that you find in a paid webmail service. It is fast and full of amazing features that will give you all that you want. But despite all that, it is prone to hacker’s attack, which is why it becomes necessary for you backup your Gmail emails and attachments. There are different tools available in the market that allows you to backup Gmail online as well as offline. Our online executives of Gmail Help Number UK have mentioned them here in this blog.

How to Backup Gmail Offline?

1. Gmail Backup Tool: You can download this tool into your computer through Gmail Backup tool. This tool will allow you to backup your entire Gmail account including emails, attachments and local folders. To use this tool you just need to enter your login details and mention the destination folder. Then set the inclusive date of the backup and this will start doing its job.

2. Enable POP in Gmail: You can easily find free email clients for Mac or Windows PC. To backup your Gmail data, you just need to enable POP in it by following the given steps:
      • Sign in to Gmail and click on Settings.
      • Then open Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and select “Enable POP for all mail (Even mails that’s already downloaded).
      • Click Save.
      • Then open the mail client that you have configured with Gmail and check for the new message.

How to Backup Gmail Online?

3. Use Hotmail Ture Switch: This allows you to copy your Gmail emails, contacts and calendar to Hotmail account. You just need to enter your details to copy Gmail to Hotmail. In fact, this tool allows you to forward future emails.

4. POP to an Alternate Email Account: Live we mentioned above in 2nd step, you can use POP for forwarding your email to another account except for Gmail like Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail etc. You just need to select “Enable POP for all mail (even mail that’s already been downloaded).

5. You Can Use Backupify: Backupify is an online service that can be used to backup your cloud-based data for almost 15 online services including Google Apps. A free account allows you to backup 5 accounts of 2GB. It backup your data on a daily bases or weekly bases as per your subscription plan. It even archives your data unless you delete them.

All the above-mentioned methods are easy to use and take very less time. If you are unable to use them then you can ask our technicians on Gmail Support Number UK for assistance.