How to Free Up Storage Space in Gmail Account?

If you are free Gmail user then you get 15GB free to store and for clients who use G Suite can use up to 30 GB. When the user hit the limit they get a message from Google saying that it is out of storage. There are some files that take up more space. After reading this blog, you will be able to free up space in your Gmail account.

Check Your Google Storage Summary

On your browser open Google settings and then go to Storage section. Then login to your Google account. From there you check how much space you have utilized in Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos.

Look for Large Gmail Attachments

Open Gmail on your computer and then in the search box type “search for large attachments: size 15 MB” you can change the size as per your requirements. Delete those emails with large attachments that don’t serve any purpose now. Also, keep the trash clean. If you face any issue in the process then call us at Gmail Toll Free Number UK for guidance.

Get Rid of Old Emails

We all have so many old mails in our inbox that we are no longer going to even open. Enter “older than: 2y” to look for emails that are older than 2 years. You can select them all or choose the specific one and hit the delete button. Through search drop-down dialog you can even search emails of any specific date.

Emails with Plain Text and Quotes

Although formatted text and images don’t take up much space. They are almost similar to plain text but when we talk about hundreds of emails with embedded images and formatted text then with time they add up to more space. You can set your next email to plain text. Gmail will always remember your preference.

Download a Copy of Emails

If you do not want to delete any email or attachment then download a copy on any local email client of your choice. Use POP or IMAP to get your message to a desktop program and then save or export the messages. If you are unaware of POP or IMAP settings then contact us at Gmail Phone Number UK to find the details.

Through experts, you can learn many such ways to add more space to your Gmail account. This way you can have hassle free experience with Gmail.