How to Set Up Gmail Out of Office Reply?

If you are out from your office or on a holiday for some days and you want all your Gmail senders to know about it then the best way is to set up an automatic reply. Whenever any of your contacts sends you an email, he will get this out of office email automatically which will let them know that you are presently unavailable and whenever you will be back you will respond to them. You can learn more facts about this from our experts on Gmail Helpline Number UK. It is easy to set up an auto-reply to make senders aware that you can’t revert them at the moment.


• Access Gmail Settings by clicking on the Gear icon.
• Then scroll down to Vacation Responder/Canned Responses.
• Turn on Vacation Responder and then fill on the date range and subject.
• Write the message that you want to send to your email senders.
• Under the message, check the box if you want this message to be seen by your contact only.
• Now click Save Changes.

Note: You Vacation reply start at 12 midnight from the start date and ends at 11:59 of the end date unless you manually end it earlier.


• On your Android device, open the Gmail app and then click on its Menu.
• Scroll down and then click on Settings.
• Select your account on which you want to set up auto-responder.
• Then tap Vacation Responder and drag the switch to on position.
• Now fill the date range and subject of your email.
• Now write the message that you want to send.
• Click Done.

iPhone or iPad

• Open Gmail app and access it Menu.
• Now click on Settings button and tap on your account.
• Now click Vacation Responder and drag its switch to on position.
• Write date range, subject and message.
• Click Save.

Like enabling auto-responder is easy, similarly disabling it is also easy. When you set up Vacation reply, you will be able to see the banner at the top of your Gmail inbox with the subject of your vacation email. Simply, turn off the vacation response and click End Now. If you have any difficulty in setting up or turning off the Auto-responder then feel free to contact us at Gmail Help Desk Number UK. We will explain everything in detail to you so that things become easier for you.