How to smartly update profile picture in Gmail without any trouble?

The functioning of any task or activity is not just carried out without any thought process being involved. It is said like this because unless a planning is not being put into place, then how can the result be of a satisfactory type. Talking about it Gmail and it features, do make sure that user is not having any difficulty in conducting the basic activity. After all the primary reason for which Gmail was put into use was sending or receiving of Email from one person to the other person.

So, when you send an email to a fellow Gmail user, a small picture of yourself accompanies the message. This is just an inclusion of a feature that is surely going to bring richness in the work being executed. Some people might categorize it as a wasted form of activity. In reality, this does introduce you to the receiver in a reformed manner.

It's important that this picture be professional, particularly if you’re sending email to potential employers. This way a more appropriate form of work is going to be executed. As we are human beings and one loves to know more about the person from whom exchanging emails have taken place.

At this stage, the user should never consider the activity of updating the photo in Gmail is an easy work. in reality this does involve a lot of thoughtfulness and understanding of the step-wise form of methodology. The support of Gmail Helpline Number UK will make sure that user will not have any difficulty or confusing state of mind.

A user just needs to follow the guidelines and then the necessary form of action will be carried out –

Method – 1
The user, first of all, needs to log into the Gmail account on the desktop or laptop. Now, just Click on the gear icon which is located at the upper right corner of the Gmail Inbox, then Click on Settings.

Method – 2
At this stage, the user will start the work in the general tab of the “Settings” panel. the user needs to scroll down until “My Picture” category is clearly visible. Then just Click on Blue Change Picture option when it is found.

Method – 3
Now Click on Choose File for browsing the computer for receiving a complete profile picture.

Method – 4
At this stage, the user just needs to select the photo you want to upload and then double-click on it. From there user will be asked to crop the photograph. Once the user is satisfied with your homework. The user needs to Click on “Apply Changes”. It means that the whole procedure is completed.

The following of these methods will ensure that the user will not have any difficulty in making the necessary changes. Well, to some it might sound easy or simple and this because of understanding all the concepts or steps well. If there is any additional information to be gained then refer Gmail Support Number UK for clarity.