Not Able To Open and Read Messages in Gmail?

Gmail has become the largest online email service in the world having global accessibility. The sensitive interface and ideal email storage makes it a developed mailing client. Sometimes, you will be pushed to technical difficulties that are not in your hands. Sometimes, you can’t log-in to your Gmail account and this in turn can’t even open or read messages. Not only this, you will also have other problems related to your Gmail account. Consult Gmail Contact Number UK for making all such errors disappear.

When you can’t open Gmail site or read your messages, you need to follow the troubleshooting steps. Here are the steps to be followed:

When you can’t access Gmail:

When you are unable to access your Gmail account, you need to check if your computer is connected well. In case, your computer’s Web browser has any issues while accessing the secure HTTPS version of Gmail, you just need to input “” and see if the situation resolved.

Can’t Load Inbox:

Sometimes, the Gmail account opens up but you might incur problems while opening inbox. The inbox got hang and this is generally caused by unstable Internet connection. It is suggested to reset your router that will be soothe the connection and allow you to load Gmail's inbox and other features in a short while. When resetting doesn’t resolve the problem, you can use the older version of Gmail to resolve display problems temporarily. Or try using some other browser for resolving the issue.

Can’t open Attachments:

When you are facing issues while opening Google attachments, you should be sure that you are using the correct web browser. There are specific browsers for opening Gmail attachments. So, it is recommended to use supported browser. In case, the same situation occurs while opening the attachments in different browser, you are required to disable your antivirus software for some time. There are chances that the Antivirus programs are causing such attachment in your Gmail account. When the problem is still there, you can disable add-ons or plug-ins you have installed previously to the browser.

If the problem is still recurring, you need to take help of the talented tech representatives who are available at Gmail Customer Care Number UK and the rest will be taken care of. The technicians know how to deal with such problems in a short while. So, leave your every problem on them, they will surely handle it with care.