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Setting up a Gmail Account on an Android phone

Android is an operating system launched by Google which is also the owner of the world’s most widely used and extremely successful web based email service Gmail and hence setting up a Gmail account of Android smartphones is very simple.

The android phones always prompt you to register with your Gmail address for using android and Play Store. So when you start a new Android phone after putting your SIM card you’ll be prompted to set up your account.

You’ll be prompted

Do you want to add an existing account or create a new one?

You’ll be given with two options to click on:
1. Existing
2. New

If you choose an existing account then you’ll be prompted to enter the existing Gmail address and password and the android will set up your Google account.

In case you choose to create a new account:
1. You’ll be prompted to enter your first and the last name.
2. After that you’ll be asked to enter a username of your choice. Make sure to create a unique user name as any existing one wouldn’t be accepted by Gmail.
3. Once you enter the user name it’ll check the username for availability and if the name is available you’ll proceed to the next level.
4. Now you’ll be asked to enter your password twice to ensure that you are typing it correctly.
5. While setting up a new password you must always ensure that the password is difficult to guess and therefore evident things like the name of your kids or spouse or your own name shouldn’t be kept as a password. You should also detest from keeping your mobile number as your password because the world’s easiest password to crack for hackers.
6. The password must consist of minimum 8 small and capital letters along with numbers and special characters in a combination that is difficult to guess. You must always ensure complete secrecy as far as your email password is concerned as any disclosure might lead to your account getting compromised.
7. Once you’ve successfully entered your passwords you’ll be asked to set up password recovery options in case you ever forget your password or you need to reset password if it the account gets compromised.
8. You’ll get the option to get the recovery options through SMS on your phone or on an alternate email address. Although this step is optional you are strongly advised not to bypass this step as it is an important security feature and helps you considerably in contingency matters.
9. For smooth password recovery you’ll be asked to enter your phone number and your alternate email address and the country where you are residing.
10. Then you’ll be asked to accept the user agreement of Google and after clicking yes your account would be set up.
11. You’ll be asked to authenticate yourself by entering the Captcha or the image text displayed on your screen.
12. And VIOLA!! It’s done, complete and finished. You can start using your Gmail on your Android phone.

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