Set up Spam Filter of Your Gmail Account

A spam filter is an inbuilt program in your Gmail account that protects unwanted and unsolicited mails to get into your mail box. Although, at times you will notice that spam filter has stopped working and you started receiving lot of spam all of the sudden. Now let’s see how you can up Spam filter: Gmail Contact Number UK

• Sign in to your Google Admin Console (Administrator account).
• From its dash board go to Apps>G Suite>Gmail>Advanced Setting.
• When you scroll at spam section, in the setting click on Configure. If it is already configured click on Edit and Add Another.
• Now you need o enter a unique name. Check on Be More Aggressive when Filtering the Spam.
• You can even set us Bypass Spam Filters for messages received from internal senders if you want to by checking the option. (you can add the email address and domains in the list).
• In case you want to receive the filtered message in your Admin Quarantine then check on Put the Spam in admin Quarantine box. This option will never direct your spam messages in spam folder.
• Now click Add Setting. And at the bottom of the Gmail Setting page click on Save.

This method is actually quite effective in omitting spam mails from getting into your mail box and let you enjoy the easy way of handling mails. But if in case you find this method little tiresome or complicated then no worries, you can take help from Gmail professionals who understand all the issues very well and they can guide you the easy and proper way of resolving spam issue in shortest time possible. To get in touch with them contact us on Gmail Customer Care Number UK anytime you want. We will be happy to help you.