Some Gmail Features You Should Be Aware of

In this world of internet, the easiest and the cheapest way of communication is email. There are so many email services in the market but if we see the stats then Gmail is the most popular and widely used email service. Gmail has amazing functionality and what add to its awesomeness are its outstanding features. But many users are not aware of these features and thus they couldn’t take full advantage of Gmail services.

This guide will help you learn more about Gmail features

1. Spam Filter: If you use your Gmail account as a primary email account then you should definitely take benefit from its spam-filter. It is easy to set up the filter and once you have made filter active, it will send all suspicious and unwanted emails into the spam\junk folder. If you couldn’t setup filter on your own then you can dial Gmail Help Number UK for assistance.

2. Merge Contacts: It allows you to merge duplicate contacts. You just need to click on Contacts and then go to “Find & merge Contacts” from the top right corner.

3. Mute conversation: When you become fed up with unwanted conversation from the B2B mailing list but at the same time you can’t unsubscribe them then you can just mute the conversation.

4. Calendar: You can save the task or event using Gmail calendar which can be operated using your Google ID. In fact, you can access this amazing feature of Gmail through your Smartphone.

5. Clickable attachments: Now you can see Gmail attachments inline and you can open them without opening the message. All PDF, Work, Image related attachment will appear in the pop-up window within Gmail. When you click these attachments they open a new tab.

6. Offline Gmail: If you are in an area without Wi-Fi but still want to access your Gmail account then that is possible. You can use Gmail offline with the help of guidance given to you over Gmail Support Number UK by our experts.

7. Send SMS: It is easy to expand Gmail chats to SMS so that you can access your conversation wherever you go. Google even allows you to block incoming text messages.

8. Canned Response: Smart reply or canned response can save a lot of time. Say you receive a lot of mails asking you about your company’s mailing address then in that case you can verify that your mailing address is located at an easy place in your website and then you can create a canned response.

Now you can easily enjoy these features and make emailing more convenient and enjoyable.