Some Simple Ways to Secure a Gmail Account from Hackers

We keep some of our most sensitive information and data stored in our Gmail account. In fact, many of us use Gmail account credentials to log in to other Google services and many social platforms like Facebook and Amazon. Imagine how complex it will become if an imposter gets an access to your Gmail password. They can misuse all your personal detail and data against you and can even make you go bankrupt. But luckily, there are various ways offered by Google to enhance the security of your email account.

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Keep Updating Your Security Information
While signing up with Gmail, you must have created your password and recovery information that includes your phone number and email address. You should keep updating your security information and passwords.

Limit the Apps that Need Google Account Authorization
There are so many apps that require Gmail account authorization and whenever you sign in to those apps through your Gmail account, they access all your information. Even if you stop using that app, they will still have that information. Thus, it is suggested that you should always limit the usage of such apps. Think before logging in with Gmail credentials.

Two-Step Verification
Two-step verification act as an additional layer of security to your account. As soon as you activate this feature, you get the additional code on your phone or additional email ID every time you try to log in. You will only be able to sign in after inserting the unique code provided to you by Google.

Monitor Your Gmail Activities
You should review three things of your Gmail account i.e. account notifications, email forwarding and third-party actions. For this, go to Gmail Sign in & Security page. In Devices activity and Notifications section, cross-check both Recent Security events and recently used devices, make sure all the devices that are using Gmail are listed. Secondly, from Gmail settings go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Check all Forwarding and POP and IMAP settings. They should be set up by you. Take help for this from Google people who are available at Gmail Support Number UK.

Change Your Password
It is suggested by experts that you should always keep changing your password in every few months. Make sure you make a unique and strong password that can’t be easily guessed.

Following these things will enhance the security of Gmail account and make it hard for hackers to get access to your account.