Upgrade Your Gmail Account Security with Some Security Measures

Emails are vulnerable to cyber threats. Most cyber criminals try to attack your email account as well as your device through spam and phishing mails. Emails include all our personal and financial information and even if any information gets into wrong hands then you are in big trouble. Fortunately, Gmail has offered many improved security measures that can make your account even more secure. Experts of Gmail Customer Care UK have laid down security measure in one blog for you. Go through every point of this blog to get complete idea about your Gmail security.

1. Use Two Step Verification: Hackers can easily get access to your email username and password, through which they can easily hack your account. So, when you set up Two-Step Verification, you are adding additional information into your account, without which you will not be able to login. This is a kind of extra layer of security to your account. You need to provide a mobile number on which you will receive one time password that lets you login to your account.

2. Minimize the Use of Apps that Require Your Gmail Information: When you install a new app that ask you to fill your Gmail account details, you are giving the access to your account information to them even after you stop using their app. You should avoid using such apps as much as you can.

3. Keep Changing Your Password and Create a Strong One: Experts suggest that one should change their password after every few months to lessen the chances of it being stolen by hackers. Moreover, you should always create a password which cannot be guessed easily. Always choose a unique and hard to break password.

4. Use and Antivirus: We cannot neglect the importance of having an antivirus installed in our device. Most antivirus come with email security features. They help to keep your Gmail inbox away from spam and phishing mails.

5. Keep a Watch on your Account: You should always keep a check whether your emails are being forwarded without your permission. Also, ensure that when and from where your account is being accessed. If you find any suspicious activity with your Gmail account then please contact our technical team on Gmail Help Number UK. It may be a hacked account, and we might help you in dealing with it.

Apart from above mentioned ways, one can also make changes in their Gmail Account setting to enhance it security.