What are the Hidden Features in Gmail?

This is an undeniable thing that Gmail is the most cooperative mailing platform widely used by the whole world. You will hardly find anyone who doesn’t have a Gmail account. With extra effective features and strong functionality, it is the highly adopted platform. You can manage your emails in the right manner and gives superior protection to all the emails stored in it. Despite that, there are times when it starts imposing technical difficulties affront of you. If you need proper assistance to resolve them, you can take the advantage of contacting technical team at Gmail Customer Care Number UK and fix your queries in a short while.

You must be aware of the amazing features which are included to Gmail. But there are other features which remains hidden to you. Here, is the list of some hidden features in Gmail:

Trouble-free detection of Email Subscriptions: Now, it has become even easier to handle the newsletter subscriptions as you have been introduced with the Plus (+) feature. Moreover, you can use this feature to add filters that will filter out the emails and you can move them as per your choice.

Address Restore Feature: Another hidden feature is Address Restore that is used to restore the already deleted mailing address. As you know, that once you have delete a contact in your phone, it can’t be recovered. Gmail help in recovering the address within a time span of about 30 days after deleting the same.

Merging contacts: Gmail has given the ability to merge duplicate contacts in the correct manner. You can do it by proceeding towards Find & Merge Contacts which is present in the top right hand corner in Gmail and that is present under Contacts.

Spam Hiding Capabilities: You must know that the insertion of dots into the email address of your account won’t hinder the capability of you receiving the emails. Even after putting a single dot anywhere in the email address, prevent so many issues infecting you. Moreover, you can also create an email filter so that you could delete all the emails that come to the bogus id that you had given with additional dots.

Calendar: You must know that updating a calendar event or saving a task or a reminder is so simple while utilizing the calendar feature. Not only this, but you are now be able to send calendar events via email or share the calendar or access calendars shared by other friends as well.

Syncing Contacts: This is another hidden feature in your Gmail account that helps you in syncing all the contacts of your Smartphone with Gmail. You can also have a backup of your contacts and this prevents losing your contacts in the future.

If you are having any difficulty with the above mentioned hidden features, you can contact the trained professionals at Gmail Contact Support Number UK and get the suitable solution for your problems. You can tell them you condition and they will present up with the best resolution for fixing the error.