What Are The Most Advantageous Features In Gmail?

There is a variety of Email clients introduced so far but the most outstanding platform is one and only Gmail. People use Gmail as they believe it can’t be compare to any other platforms in the mailing industry. No one is left unaware of this gracious mailing service with its hassle-free and favorable features. The superiority and effortlessness of Gmail remains matchless when it is being compared with any other mailing client. It has got the unrivalled dominance whether it is features or distinct functionality. Despite that, people who prefers it, still not aware of distinct features which their Gmail account includes.

This is important to know about such features to make the mailing thing easier. The list of some advantageous features in Gmail is mentioned below:

Attachment Feature:
Have you ever think about the attachment feature in Gmail? In several cases, you send an empty mail without an attachment and nothing can be undone now. But when you are using Gmail, it become quite easier as you will be notified with a message saying “Did you mean to attach files? You wrote 'I have attached' in your message, but there are no files attached. Send anyway?" whenever you send an empty email. There, you need to hit cancel option and attach the file you want to. If you have problems, you can take help from the technical team at Gmail Contact Support Number UK and fix your problems.

Mark As Important:
The people who get so many emails or in bulk, they can sort them with the Star Option which is included in the Gmail. This feature is used for marking the most important messages and read them when you need enough time. And for that, you need towards the Gear shape icon and then settings. Now, you need to proceed towards Stars where you get distinct type of colors and you can choose from them. You can do this for as much emails you want to.

Create Multiple Ids:
This is another feature where you can create multiple ids and for this, you need to add a (.) between your name, your initial or any other aliases. It can be said that this thing is to create multiple versions for your own email. If you see any problem associated with it, contacting technical team at Gmail Help Number UK and there you will get the best assistance for the same.

Create Daily Task Reminders:
You can also create different task reminders when you have Gmail account. It gives you an option which can help in creating a to-do-list for you. For that, you need to proceed to the Mail and then Task. Doing this, will disclose small task bars that will pop and there you can add your to-do items there.

Hope, you have now understood the advantageous features of Gmail. For issues with them, you should consult a well trained team within a short while.