What are the Most Recurring Errors when you use Gmail?

In the long list of emailing clients, Gmail is considered as the right decision for the people worldwide. You can access it from any part of the world, and from any browser. Whether it is storage capacity or the latest features, it is in on the top aspect every time. You can download its app that is very easy to operate. Gmail Contact Helpline Number UK helps you download and install the application in the simple method.

While you use Gmail regularly, there are times when you feel disappointed from its features or functionality. The billion users have lots of questions in their mind regarding Gmail, and they all based on a particular error. Certain errors pop out unnecessarily on your screen while you are sending or receiving mails. All the activity in your account gets freezes due to such technical complications. Where there is problem, its solution does present. In this blog, we have presented the most common errors people have using Gmail, and what is the right way to correct them:

Gmail Error Code 78144:

This error code generally comes out when someone is trying to delete the trash folder in their Gmail account. You will get notified by this error code and you should find the preferred way to get it corrected. It is recommended that one shouldn’t delete the message from your trash folder as they will get deleted automatically when they have been there in the trash for over 30 days. In case, you want to recover some messages, your account will automatically get the whole thread back.

Gmail Error code 500:

This error code appears when a Gmail user is online and it generally depicts that an Internal Server Error has occurred due to some unusual condition of your device on which you are accessing Gmail. You must clear your browser’s cache and cookies that might cause such error. You can also press Ctrl + Shift + Delete to fix the error. Try another method and start Gmail in safe mode which will disable all add-on, and then restart the device. If it doesn’t work out, make sure you have stable internet connection in your device or else take assistance of Gmail Toll Free Number UK to resolve the error.

Gmail won’t open:

There are times where even after lots of efforts, the Gmail won’t open and shows as the server is down. In this situation, you must use your Gmail without extensions and open it in incognito mode. After that, you can clear off browser’s cache and cookies. This will resolve the problem in the least time possible.