What is the correct way to Block Spam mails in Gmail?

Do you know Gmail is mainly the fast and reliable option to connect worldwide? Out of all the mailing clients, Gmail is treated as the first option to complete your mailing related tasks. It includes a number of unique assets for performing best as it can. Not only this, but it includes the most amazing spam filtering systems. But you see still some spam messages or files entering into your inbox unfortunately. These types of issues are really disturbing and only Gmail Contact Support Team UK can help you to rectify it. They assure the best workaround for fixing the issue confronted.

If you want to deal with the above issue, below given method is the right way to get rid of such error:

You need to mark the Email Message as Spam: Before anything else, you have to make sure that you are logged in to your Gmail account. And then find the spam messages and follow the steps below:

• You have to click the check box to the left and when you want to select multiple emails, just press the Ctrl key or the Shift key if they follow one another.
• Thereafter, click on the icon with a circle and exclamation point. There, the tool tip will shows up Report spam.
• Now, you will see the message that, “This conversation has been marked as spam." If you think that something has been done wrong, click on Undo right away.
• And whenever you chose a message from an address that you have been subscribed to, Gmail will unsubscribe you by sending an unsubscribe request on your behalf. Moreover, you can report the mail as spam.

Try to Remove the Email Message from Spamming:
Keep in mind, that you can remove the spam label or can delete them from your mailbox after a month. You need to open the Gmail account and put the cursor on the left sidebar and wait until the left scroll bar appears. And then follow the steps as suggested:
• Just look for the label that is marked as spam and click on More to see it.
• Thereafter, click the spam label and choose the message to restore.
• And then, click on Not Spam on the toolbar.

Deleting the Spam messages:
When you knew it, that a certain email is junk and there is no use of it, you can delete it accordingly. Whenever you delete spam, it will not appear again. To delete:
• Proceed to Spam label and choose the messages to be deleted.
• And then click on Delete forever.
• And in case, you want to delete all of them, click Delete all spam messages now.
• Then, your screen appears with a message reading, "All messages marked spam have been deleted forever."

For queries, connect technical support team at Gmail Contact Support UK and get assured help over the same. The technicians will support you with the best effort they can.