What is the way to fix Gmail attachment issues on Windows 10?

This is rightly accepted that Gmail facilitates its users to attach files to their emails without any hassle. But this is also the noted point that the attachments should match certain criteria so that you can mail them. While there are chances that your Gmail appears with an error saying that you have exceeded the limit or Attachment failed. There can be various reasons behind such situation. In case, you see any other Gmail error on your screen; connect the tech supporters who are available at Gmail Contact Number UK for best support.

In order to resolve Gmail attachment uploading problems you should read this blog. The main cause of such issue is due to plug-in. This is also possible that there is some issue with the browser. The best method against such issue is mentioned below:

Update Flash Plug-in
You might know that Gmail default attachment uploader uses Adobe Flash. In case, your plug-in has become outdated, then this is possible that the attachment uploader might not function properly. Do have the latest version of Adobe Flash and for that, follow the below given instruction.
• Go to the official website of Adobe and search for Adobe Flash installer.
• You will see additional software you can install with Flash. You need to deselect it if you do not need it.
• Now, just press the Install Now button. Doing so will automatically download and save the installer.
• Thereafter, open the Adobe Flash installer and follow the on-screen instructions.
• Do ensure that you have enabled Flash on your browser

Launch Gmail using a different browser
In some case, launching in a different browser can resolve attachment failed issues in the shortest time possible. Try to attach the file again to your email, if it works then you don’t need to do anything after that. But when it doesn’t, you need to move ahead to the next step:

Update the browser you are using:
You must have an updated browser if you want to fix the issue. To update the browser, you need to proceed to the official website and update it with the latest version available.

If the above procedure has not satisfied you, and you are still facing such error, contact the trained professionals at Gmail Customer Care Number UK and resolve your problems right away.