What to do about Undelivered and Not Received Mails in Gmail?

Gmail is the preeminent mailing client passed on to generation after generation. It comes with latest visage of outstanding functionality needed by almost everyone round the globe. People prefer to make official announcement, send letters, and do other important communication through this exception mailing client.

But sometimes, Gmail services are prevented by some technical issues. If you are a Gmail user and having trouble due to some technical error in your account and its services then you can connect with us at Gmail Support Number UK. But if you are having trouble because of Undelivered and Not Received Mails, then read this blog to get your problem solved. The below mention method will help you guide about the certainties that would be the reason for this inconvenience and their resolutions.

Have you ever not received any mail sent by your friend or colleague? This may happen if you have set filters that would either block off the coming mails or send them to a different folder by mistake. First Ensure that you haven’t set filters on. Keep in mind that if you filter an entire domain then all emails coming from that domain will be stirred according to the filter you forged upon. Check for the following:

Analyzing Email Filters

• Click to open your Gmail account.
• Then click on the "Settings"(that is a gear shaped icon) present in the top right of the page > Select "Settings."
• Now Select the "Filters and Blocked Addresses" tab.
• Lastly, Edit or delete any filters that may result to send your emails to go to an undesirable location.

Analyzing Trash and Spam

• Click on the drop down arrow located on the right side of the search bar at the top of the Google Mail screen
• Then Click on the drop-down menu that is present next to "Search" and then select "Mail & Spam & Trash."
• Enter the preceding of the email that you are searching for in the fields that follow.
• Now click the [Search] button.

You will now be able to get the issue properly and solve it by your own. If you feel like that you need some expertise help then call the technicians at Gmail Customer Care Number UK 0808-169-1988 toll free. This service is available for you 24/7.